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Mystic Valley Railway Society Cape Cod Excursion Photographs
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The following photographs are of the Mystic Valley Railway Society chartered excursion train from Boston to Hyannis in 1999.  See page 2 for photos of the 2000 train.  Click on any of the thumbnails below to view the full size file in a new window.

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Amtrak F40PH 216 has just arrived at Hyannis with the Mystic Valley Railway Society excursion train.
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A pair of ConnDOT coaches (ex. Budd SPV-2000 cars) bring up the rear of the MVRS excursion, seen here on track 6 in the Hyannis yard
98.82 KB

Shoving around the south leg of the Yarmouth Wye to reverse the train for the return trip to Boston
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216 shoves the train across Willow Street and onto the South Dennis line
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216 pulls the train northbound across Willow Street, toward the Cape Main
130.38 KB

Shoving southbound on the Cape Main, back to Hyannis
98.82 KB

216 shoving the track back to Hyannis, past the Yarmouth station sign



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