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Mass Coastal Railroad No. 2008 Arrives - 11/13/2007

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November 13, 2007:  Massachusetts Coastal Railroad ( GP-9r number 2008 has arrived on Cape Cod.  Bay Colony B39-8 No. 8580 brought the 2008 to Yarmouth on the morning trash train.  Upon arriving at Yarmouth, 8580 cut off from its train and pulled onto the South Dennis Line.  Cape Cod Central Railroad RS-3m No. 1201 had come up from Hyannis, and once 8580 was in the clear 1201 proceeded to couple onto the MC 2008 and cut off from the trash cars.  1201 and 2008 then proceeded south to Hyannis, while 8580 reassembled its train and continued to Yarmouth Transfer.

MC 8580 was shipped up under its previous owners reporting marks (Heart of Georgia HOG 1209) as at the time of purchase the newly-formed Mass Coastal had not yet received its reporting marks of MC.

106.77 KB

BCLR 8580 on the S. Dennis line, CCCX 1201 on the Cape Main coming north to tie onto HOG 1209
60.09 KB

1201 and 1209 arrive in the Hyannis yard
75.15 KB

Old meets new in the Hyannis yard


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