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Bridge Creek, West Barnstable, 4/10/03

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The following photographs show the work that has progessed at Bridge Creek, in West Barnstable.  The new culvert seen here was installed to permit more tidal flow to the marshes.  This work was made possible due to the closure of the railroad bridge over the Cape Cod Canal, which has stopped the daily Bay Colony Railroad "Trash Trains" which would normally traverse this track.  As you can see, the project is now winding down.

109.66 KB
A Ballast Regulator runs over the new culvert.
119.46 KB
A Torsion Beam Tamper at work.
118.18 KB
Torsion Beam Tamper
146.10 KB
A close-up view of the tamper.
122.25 KB
Torsion Beam Tamper
127.10 KB
Torsion Beam Tamper


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