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Bridge Creek, West Barnstable, 3/17/03

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The following photographs show the construction work at Bridge Creek, near Rte. 6A in West Barnstable, on March 17, 2003.  The culvert under the railroad tracks is being removed and replaced with a larger one.  As the railroad bridge in Buzzards Bay is closed for repairs until June, there are no trains running on the Cape (with the exception of some local switching at Gallo construction in Sagamore) and this culvert project can take place.

101.77 KB
Looking towards Cape Cod Bay from Rte. 6A.
129.57 KB
Looking down the tracks from the Rte. 6A crossing (the rails are still in place, under the gravel).
173.44 KB
A hi-rail boom truck, loaded with new ties, parked just "railroad north" of the crossing.
150.24 KB
Another shot of the boom truck.
102.03 KB
More construction equipment.
87.34 KB
The view across Rte. 6A towards Bridge Creek.


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