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Bay Colony Railroad Track Work - May 2005

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Bay Colony is currently performing track maintenance on the Cape Main.  They have been working out of West Barnstable, keeping their equipment and materials here.  More photos may be added as the work progresses, so keep an eye on this page in the coming days.

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5/18/05:  GP9 No. 1706 with a flat car in tow pauses momentarily at West Barnstable.  From here they headed south to Hyannis to pick up sister GP8 No. 1701, which received new paint and other contract work from the Cape Cod Central Railroad's mechanical department.  Note the backhoe and loader in the background, and of course all the new ties.
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Flagging Rte. 149 (temporarily out of service for the track work) and heading to Hyannis
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New ties, prepped with special tie plates for the new Pandrol clips (instead of the usual spikes) sit on the platform, waiting for some brand new rail (also on site with a 2001 date code) to join them.
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A tamper sits on the siding
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A tie inserter sits on the siding
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5/20/05:  Cape Cod Central RS3m No. 1201 leads the dinner train through West Barnstable.  Bay Colony GP9 No.1706 and GP8 No. 1701 (out of view) are tied down on the siding for the weekend.
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Bay Colony GP9 No. 1706 and GP8 No. 1701 at West Barnstable
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Bay Colony GP8 No. 1701 has just returned to service after spending a few months in Hyannis where the Cape Cod Central mechanical department gave it new paint and performed other repairs.


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