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Bay Colony Railroad - 2/13/2004

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February 13, 2004:  Bay Colony's new GP-9 number 1706 is in charge of this morning's trash train (the third day this unit has been in service).  We begin at Canal Jct. in Bourne, where 1706 is shoving the empty cars for Yarmouth from the Falmouth line onto the bridge.  They then reverse direction and head south on the Cape Main.  The two BCLR 3000 series gondolas were dropped off at Gallo Construction in Sagamore, then the train continued to Yarmouth.

140.92 KB

Canal Jct. shoving onto the bridge
156.04 KB

Pulling off the bridge, onto the Cape Main
156.75 KB

On the Cape Main
155.69 KB

Switching at Sagamore
96.39 KB

Mill Creek, Sandwich
141.69 KB

Cranberry bog at Old County Rd. East Sandwich
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Bridge Creek, West Barnstable
263.43 KB

Approaching Summer Street, Yarmouth Port
217.33 KB

West Yarmouth Road, Yarmouth Port


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