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Bay Colony Railroad - 1/7/2003

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January 7, 2003:  Today we follow Bay Colony GP-9R No. 1702 on the morning trash train.  We begin at Canal Junction, where 1702 is shoving the empty Yarmouth cars off the Falmouth line and onto the bridge.  We then catch them performing some switching at the Gallo Construction siding, underneath the Sagamore bridge, where flyash from the Canal Electric plant is transferred to hopper cars.  They'll end up taking one loaded flyash car with them to Yarmouth (the afternoon train will take the load with them to Rochester, and from there it will soon find its way to Middleboro to get interchanged with CSX).  We then follow the morning train the rest of the way to Yarmouth.

170.55 KB
Canal Junction, Bourne
152.97 KB
Canal Junction, Bourne
168.12 KB
Switching at Gallo's, Sagamore
173.32 KB
Switching at Gallo's, Sagamore
122.75 KB
Switching at Gallo's, Sagamore
166.39 KB
Switching at Gallo's, Sagamore
107.65 KB
Mill Creek, Sandwich
104.25 KB
Lampi's cranberry bog, East Sandwich
140.87 KB
West Barnstable
157.05 KB
Rte. 6A, West Barnstable
238.51 KB
Summer Street, Yarmouth Port
205.17 KB
West Yarmouth Road, Yarmouth Port
200.37 KB
Heading "South" from West Yarmouth Road


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